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kita kongsi-kongsi informasi hobi,
berpeluang bersama realisasi koleksi
Mencari 100 tahun Nestle di sisimu....
Хоби - собирање антиквитети

".........biar hobi berbicara..."

Syoknya tengok Antique Roadshow di TV,

Undian Anda Amat Di Hargai!

Coca-Cola Heritage Fair

Coca-Cola Heritage Fair:
A Passion For The Real Thing
Since its invention by pharmacist John S. Pemberton in 1886, Coca-Cola has refreshed the world for 125 years with not just its tasty beverage but also its creative commercials and has entrenched itself in the hearts and minds of millions to become an iconic brand worldwide.
To bring the passion for the brand closer to Malaysians and to welcome a new era of refreshing the new generation, the public is invited to the Coca-Cola Heritage Fair. Held on Saturday, November 19th at Empire Shopping Gallery (Main Atrium, Upper Ground Floor), the 1-day showcase promises to be a treat for Coca-Cola fans and a feast of senses for all.
One of the fair’s highlights will be a mobile heritage exhibition consisting of interactive exhibits featuring original Coca-Cola memorabilia from the Coca-Cola Archives in its headquarters in Atlanta, USA. Items on display will include a chronology of its iconic bottles from the past 125 years; pop culture items from the art, music and fashion worlds; and special edition memorabilia of its global properties through the brand’s partnerships with major global events, Olympics and FIFA.
Passionate Coca-Cola collectors from around the country will also be displaying their personal collection preciously accumulated over time. Having caught the attention of the company, the Coca-Cola collectors have been invited to be part of this historic day and to share their passion amongst like-minded people. Other collectors are invited to visit their booths to trade on this day.
The heritage fair is one of the many activities under the brand’s latest marketing campaign “Buka Semangat, Buka Coca-Cola”, that invites Malaysians to release their positive energy and passion to reach greater heights.
Promising lots of fun and vibrancy, the Coca-Cola Heritage Fair also seeks to bring positive changes to the lives of those in need by working in partnership with the Children’s Wish Society of Malaysia, a national charity dedicated to bringing a smile to children suffering from terminal and life threatening illnesses by granting them a wish.
The fair will see some fundraising activities such as a public charity auction where limited edition Coca-Cola memorabilia will be put up. Auction items include a bicycle, foosball table and collectors’ box sets for the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Contour Glasses.
“This year is indeed an exciting one for Coca-Cola as we celebrate our 125 year of bringing happiness to our consumers and through this heritage fair, we wish to thank all our consumers here in Malaysia for making Coca-Cola their brand of choice by indulging their senses with fun and happiness, characteristics that we have always embodied. We look forward to seeing a huge crowd at this event,” said Antonio del Rosario, General Manager of Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei Region, The Coca-Cola Company.

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